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Quick Review | Seasons of Magic

Social Media can be exhausting. But sometimes, you’re lucky and find a treasure amongst the data flood. This was the case when I noticed another beautiful post by Friederike (Instagram: @buchundgewitter), where she recommended a certain collection of poetry and short fiction called ‘Seasons of Magic’ by Katy Who. Several hours later, I fell in love with Katys Instagram account, visited her homepage and bought said booklet.


K A T Y    W H O    –    S E A S O N S    O F    M A G I C
p o e t r y    &    s h o r t    f i c t i o n

“She is Persephone, she is new life,
She has the power of change at her fingertips
And she is awakening.”

Katy Who | Seasons of Magic | excerpt from ‘An Awakening’ in spring


First of all, I loved the fact that not only did I receive this little booklet only a few days later, but with it came a lovely handwritten note from Katy herself (with wax seal and everything!), and I was beyond happy, to say the least.

“Find your wild, weather your storms, breathe in your power and exhale your strength. Breathe.”
– excerpt from ‘Finding Wild’ in summer

‘Seasons of Magic’ is a collection of poetry and short fiction and it is magical and you feel a deep connection to nature itself in every word. Split into the four seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter, this book contains various short texts capturing the wonders of each individual season. It feels like different fairy tales come to life in poems or short stories, mingling with a smell of a forest glittering with freshly fallen raindrops. So far, it has been an incredible source of inspiration and I hope it will be for many years to come.

I know I will thumb through this book a lot in the future and celebrate each reining season by reading Katy Who’s collection of magical and enchanting poems and short stories.

“On their heads they wear circlets of wildflowers that could have sprouted from their curls and their eyes tell a wayward story of love and loss and a freedom so delicious.”
– excerpt from ‘The Midsummer Dance’ in summer

This little booklet is perfect for all those of you who love fairy tales and folklore; for those who are as soft as moss and as strong as trees; for those dreaming of dancing with the fairies beneath a silver moon and for those who fantasize about swimming with the mermaids and brewing potions in the woods. 


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